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Friday, December 16, 2011

zara num ho to ye matti bari zerhaiz he saqi (World records by Pakistani's)

Pakistan made national anthem world record

Zafar Gill of Pakistan, Guinness Book World Record Holder

Real Superman in Pakistan(Breaks stone with hand)

Muhammad awais makes snaps on rice and needle of personalities in Sialkot

19 Girls in One Car - World Record in Karachi

Pakistani Ali breaks 800 year old record

The Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the World

jawad iqbal gaba world record pakistani

World Record By Pakistani Boy (Proud to be Pakistani)working with Microsoft introduced new technologies

world record holder pakistani sitara brooj

An Unbelievable Pakistani Man eats dozen peoples food

Another Pakistani student got "23 A grades" in O-Levels,

Pakistani kid made a system through which you can control your home with touch screen and mobile

Pakistani Real Chris angel (Record holder in Guinness book)

World Records by Pakistanis

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