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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sigh of relief

Today i woke up and get ready for my University.I was late from my class and told my friend to make approxy at attendence sheet he said ok.Then i get ready and leave my home for University.I was going on my way while in happy mood and singing song.As i reach half of my way a man on bike hurrily across me then i see an envelop fell from his pocket as i took the envelop i saw round about 1 million repees in this envelop i called that person hie doesn't listen then i follow him after 20 minutes of follwing i reached him.I ask hin to check his thing he say waht are you talking then i shown him the envelope he was surprised and i said count your money and let me go he said yes i cunted and it is totall i get from bank and also told me that this money he get for his daughter's marriage.My eyes filled with tears and i thank my God who show me the right way.Then the man asked me to go to his home for a cup of tea i excused but he said its a thanking cup of tea i went with him he told his mother and whole family the whole incident they were very happy and prayed me alot.Then i came back for University.First time i felt in my life that i really took a right step i told my family and friends and really get appriciation.