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Friday, February 12, 2010

Today Is The Day Dedicated To Love

Today is the day dedicated to love

Today cupid comes down from above

Today is the day for the color red

Today no tears should be shed

Its time for laughter, time for joy

Time for roses and the cuddly toy

Time to go that extra mile

to make the person you love smile.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Norwegian Editor Challeges Muslims!

Last night i was sitting in my lawn and just thiknkig about the conditions my Pakistan just as the moment my moile phone rung i got an sms that is about the Chief Editor of Norways Challeges Muslims the SMS is as i recieved{Do you accept the challenge of Chief Editor of Norway's Newspaper on 8 January named i think Often Posten she said " i'm sure that no strong reaction will be seen after re-publishing of Prophet's cartton"how will you respond her challenge ?"
Now i just wan say that we are peaceful nation we dont want fight against any nation but these people are directly involved in making our nation angry by publishing these things!
Simply i accept the challenge and want to answer in one line that is "Dont forget Pakistan is filled with Amir Cheema there was no one Amir Cheema we are all Amir Cheema"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life fails without any ambition

Life never stops it kept going on how ever i spent my life without any ambition without any purpose but when i done my intermediate and stepe forward to study in University i submitted my form i realised that i was nothing at that time students standing wit alot of better grades how ever i got admission and just made my mind to do some thing for my better fture then i studied well and now i am known as the telented student of the University its all my hardwork and due to the ambition i made.So without hard work without any ambition man fails.We have to set an cause we have to set an purpose we have to realise that we are something what are we and at waht stage we are standing.So if you made such these dicisions i guarantee you will never fail ever in your life .And you will be a successful person in your life that you and your family must proud on you .Let i share a story of my friend when we got admission me and my friend were in different departments he was extra intelligent and his IQ level was extra ordinary but in University he saw a girl and just left his study and just wasted his time in following that girl.where the girl goes he followes her and just kept watching her i just told him just go and talk to her.But he does not talked to her he just feard about her even he leaves his classes just to see the girl he forget his abition why he was in University what was his purpose he just kept watching the girl.In a few days he was famous due to the girl many bous were his friend they just inform him that the girl is now at that exact place so he ran to the place that boys tells him.But the time passed quickly final terms held result announced he failed at that time he wept for a chance but all in vain.Now he is studying CAT but whenever he comes to me just says to me i really wasted my time you are right that you made an ambition and you are successful now often his eyes filled with tears i always encourage him and now he is again perfect in his study and doing a right job now .Our elder says right that "why you trust your heart and imagine that our heart is right while the heart itself is not on the right side".

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exhibition held in University of Gujrat

Exhibition held in University of Gujrat in January 2010 its totall students work related to their thesis etc.

If some one interested to see this exhibition i will send you all pics of this exhibition my e-mail id