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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Norwegian Editor Challeges Muslims!

Last night i was sitting in my lawn and just thiknkig about the conditions my Pakistan just as the moment my moile phone rung i got an sms that is about the Chief Editor of Norways Challeges Muslims the SMS is as i recieved{Do you accept the challenge of Chief Editor of Norway's Newspaper on 8 January named i think Often Posten she said " i'm sure that no strong reaction will be seen after re-publishing of Prophet's cartton"how will you respond her challenge ?"
Now i just wan say that we are peaceful nation we dont want fight against any nation but these people are directly involved in making our nation angry by publishing these things!
Simply i accept the challenge and want to answer in one line that is "Dont forget Pakistan is filled with Amir Cheema there was no one Amir Cheema we are all Amir Cheema"

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