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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rules I Learn But Degree Time over !!!

While i heard about University admission i got admission form and just started filling it.While i was on highway of filling form i just stop my pen to choose my subjects.At that time i have no idea what actually BBA is or what actually Mass Communication it because at college level or after college study noboday informed us what should be our next procedure.It means that when a student leaves colleges they were not guided  that what there subjects should be and what there next step must be.

So whatever i heard about BBA that after BBA we can do MBA quiet funny hehehe but i selected in my form BBA as my interest of subject.Well the mentioned day of merit list i found that my name is not in the list of BBA.So disapointedly i went back to my home and got admission in B.Com well after one month one of my friend told me that you still can get admission in University but subjects may be different i just made my mind to try once.So i went to University next day and luckily i got admission as in CS-IT and Mass Communication but i selected Mass Communication as my subject of interest but at that time i have no idea that what Mass-Comm actually is even my fellows have no idea.After getting admission i learned rules what i'm sharing and these rules might be helpful for new these rules are as follow:

1.Adding Minor subject:
There are minor subjects being offered in University and students have to study them as well.These minor subjects are like Sociology,Psychology.Political Science and Economics.
Now in first two semesters we have to study two subjects  from these four we can select any two of them because the remaining two subjects we have to study in next semesters.

2. Withdraw Subjects:
Withdraw mean if any student having low marks or he is not satisfied with his marks or he want to improve them he can withdraw his subject but before final exams one and half month before.He can study his withdrawn subject in summer camp or in remaining semesters.

3.GPA system:
while you are studying in University you have to know that in semester sytem there is GPA system and its an mentioned formula that aggregates students marks in each semester time by time and makes GPA from the mentioned formula.Yup toppers are extra ordinary students but for all student to make mind to get minimum 3GPA means you should get marks 70-75 to get 3 GPA.

4.Summer Camp :
Summer camps offered after every two semester.In summer camp students which are failed in subjects can study in summer camp and also student who got C grade in any subjects can improve their subjects.

5. Numbering System:
Numbering system categorized in  three categories these are:
25 Mid-Term
25 Sessional
50 Final Term

6.Sessional Marks :
You can get 25 out  of 25 when you have been good infront of your teachers and you preapred your presentations and assignments well and on the time.

As your teachers assign you a topic just consult it with your friends and fellows  and also your teachers.You can get data from internet , books available in library and also from notes given to you by your teachers.But make mind that  you should give assignments on time until teacher extends date and if you want good seesional marks and positive image in front of your teachers make sure your assignment should not copy paste form.

For best presentation just get data that might too short and not boring.Make colorful slides and use cartoons and pictures that may present what you want to say.Then prepare your presentation well while presenting your presentation just keep your eyes moving towards your class and your teacher not make paper reading presentation that you might lose your marks.And prepare yourself for questions.While presenting your presentation be calm and be confident.

9.Be best in your mid-term:
Well that might be a positive point if you people understand it well that get best marks in your mid-term.Its my personal point of view but i think its best if you people understand it well.When you get you mid-term marks around 20 or above your sessional must be good and also automatically your final term will be good.

10.Make yourself good in speaking,listening and writing English:
while in university its an common suggestion to all of you just make your english better it might be helpful in whole academic era.

11.Take interest in extra curricular activities:
You must take interest in extra curricular activities like join societies if you can act join dramatic society.Different societies are there you must join them if you are a good debater you must join debating society if you are intelligent you must join quiz society.this might be helpful in your practical life.

At this time these are some major things in my mind and am sharing it with you people what i think that every student must know these things>That might be helpful in your University era.

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