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Monday, January 11, 2010

Your E-mail lottery winner (Spams).

Last tuesday i just checking my mails my eyes got still on one mail that was your E-mail address is winner of 1 Billion.To get your money just give your address and 1000 dollars and not to tell any one about.It was just a spam message and fraud.For God sake dont involve in such these activities.One more experience i want to share with you that is one day i was checking my mails there isaw a message of a girl living in Nigeria or other country where local wars were held she told me about her fathers death and she told that her father left alot of money while she s hostage and cant collect her money she requested me to help her i just say yes k i will help you.Then she told me to contact bank i cntact bank they told me the whole procedure which was to hier a liyer.Itold the whole story to the girl she gave me the addrss of her liyer i contact with her layer.The layer told me to send him money i just told him that i cant affor this money how can i send you from that day till today the girl nor the layer contacted me nor me.The whole story i shared with you not just a story i want to forbade you just get away from these frauds.

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