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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Between love and madness, lies xenophobia

First of all i want to tell about love many questions exists when  i think about love.Love is our feeling our
attitude which are causing for human pleasure.Love means to care for someone specially for whome we 
have feelings we need those people.Due to my point of view we dont give way to love but love itself makes it way and happens at once.According to my knowledge there are two types of Love these are impersonal and interpersonal.Impersonal my be our love with our country or other something while interpersonal love refers between humans.Now let talk about madness basically madness is known as mentall illness. Love and madness not that different.To be madly in love might be exactly that madness.There is a poem about Love and Maddness.

The Madness of love

The madness of love

Is a rich fief;

Anyone who recognized this

Would not ask Love for anything else:

It can unite Opposites

And reverse the paradox.

I am declaring the truth about this:

The madness of love makes bitter what was sweet,

It makes the stranger a kinsman,

And it makes the smallest the most proud.

To souls who have not reached such love,

I give this good counsel:

If they cannot do more,

Let them beg Love for amnesty,

And serve with faith,

According to the counsel of noble Love,

And think: 'It can happen,

Love's power is so great!'

Only after his death

Is a man beyond cure.

Now to talk about xenophobia it is a fear about stranger or something strange.As someone indulged in love becomes madd while xenophobia exists in love.Because when people loves someone mostly situation appears that they don't know each other and both are having fear about each other that what kind of person might be.Both in start feel hesitation so thats my point i want to imply that between love and madness lies xenophobia.Love itself a madness and makes people fear about other one which plays a role as xenophobia.
So where there love exists madness must be there and also xenophobia might be there.So here we can say that there exists a strong realtionship between love,madness and xenophobia.

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