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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Students Name:
 Armghan Arshad                         Masroor Hassan
Rana Adnan                                         Afraz Iqbal
Usama Iftikhar                                     Badar Ahmed
Anam Afzal

           Health Communication Campaign
To implement Basic Child Health Programme in Private Schools of Gujrat and compare Private and Government Schools for this Campaign. Basic purpose is to answer this question that why Government not giving attention to private schools              

         Health Communication Campaign


·       Topic
·       Target Audience
·       Introduction
·       Background
·       Methodology
·       Tools of Communication
·       Execution
·       Results
·       Suggestions

              School Health Programme
Target Audience:
              Private schools of District Gujrat
Health communication:
“The art and technique of informing, influencing, and motivating individual, institutional, and public audiences about important health issues. The scope of health communication includes disease prevention, health promotion, health care policy, and the business of health care as well as enhancement of the quality of life and health of individuals within the community”.
We planned to work o school health programme based on the premise that poor health is an important underline factor for poor classroom performance and early school drop out. Our aim was to increase learning ability of primary school students through indentifying and addressing the common health problems related to learning impediments. We got assistance from Nawaz Sharif Medical College and National Commission for Human Development (NCHD), Private school teachers and parents of the children.

During 2005-07, the School Health Program was initially conducted by NCHD in 16 districts of Pakistan; 03 from NWFP, 05 from Punjab, 04 from Sindh and 04 from Balochistan covering 27115 primary schools, training 69224 teachers and benefiting 2.17 million students. This program was then duplicated in 12 districts as part of Punjab Integrated Primary Health Care Model Program. The program period was 2007-10 and it covered 22661 primary schools, having 65703 teachers and 2.5 million students. More than 9000 students effected who have weak eyesight and more than 300 students caught who have hearing problem and this effort was done in Government schools no work done on private schools. So we planned to work at private schools as our motto was that everyone having equal rights.
During 2 weeks health programme was initially conducted in 5 private schools of district Gujrat covering 492 students.
Process in Detail:
The school health programmed has essentially the following four basic steps to be followed.
1. We identify students with visual, hearing, dental, skin and personal hygiene problems through simple and scientific screening techniques.
2. We referred the effected students to consult the specialists.
3. Corrective and curative care of primary school students identified health problems to educate the primary section teachers about parents of the children and guided them about the basic health problems.

An organized structure periodic screening was conducted in each of these 5 schools in coordination with NCHD and Nawaz Sharif Medical College.We screened students and referred them for corrective action.

Referral System:
After checking the students we suggested the principles to tell the parents to consult specialists about their child problems.
Training of teachers. We trained the teachers this training equipped the teachers to conduct screening of their student in future
We got proper training for 3 days by Nawaz Sharif Medical College
1. We used snalon charts for eyesight.
2. We did we basic exercise of hearing, eyesight, skin checkup etc
3. We examined the teeth of children
4. We trained teachers how to examine about basic child health so that they continue further process and guided them about problems of their children.

1.     We visited 5 private schools these are given as follow:
2.     Tayab Model School Ghareeb Pura Gujrat
3.     Grammar School Kachehry Chowk Gujrat
4.     Civil Pilot School Prince Chowk
5.     The Lycee School Bhimber Road Gujrat
6.     The City School Ali Pur Road Gujrat
Sr# School Total Examined Total Effected   Eye Sight Hearing Teeth Skin Referred
1. Tayab Model School 148 72 3 3 63 3 9
2. Grammar School 170

41 4 1 28 8 5
3. Civil Pilot School 91 34 3 1 29 1 4
4. The Lycee 10 Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
5. The City School 75 18 4 Nil 14 Nil 5
494 165 14 5 134 12 23

·        Child Basic Health Programme must be a part of every school activity.
·        Teachers must be trained about basic health problems.
·        Programme must held in schools after six months.
·        Parents should be involved in this activity.
·        Authoritative body should control this programme.

It was very successful programme.We are very satisfied with our performance. During this activity we conclude that schools are not giving attention to basic child health issues.

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